Album Review: self-titled by the Cosmic Collective

The “interstellar” jazz group known as the Cosmic Collective is coasting behind a new album called Self-Titled, a record filled with an eclectic array of innovative sounds. These atmospheric rarities are dreamy fusions of electronica, lo-fi, trip-hop and jazz. Things get wildly complex, but it’s almost impossible not to feel the down-to-earth demeanor of theContinue reading “Album Review: self-titled by the Cosmic Collective”

The Cosmic Collective Drops New Single – “wiggity wack”

Sour Intergalactic Breadcrumbs…Yum T he Cosmic Collective left a big footprint in the sands of time, and we’re just steps away from their new album, which drops on March 15th. With just a week away, the excitement is getting unbearable. Luckily the jazz heads left us a nice little treat to help numb the desire.Continue reading “The Cosmic Collective Drops New Single – “wiggity wack””